Family Camera

Note: Family Camera is a project that In The Darkroom is collaborating on with The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Details about this project can be found on ROM's website.
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What are family photographs?  How do they work to shape our memories?  What can they really tell us about history?  Do our family photographs have meaning for anyone else?

To explore these and other questions, we are launching a community archive project,The Family Camera, which will collect and preserve family photographs and their stories in the ROM’s collection. This archive will preserve a family history for future generations, as well as serve as source material for teachers, historians and scholars to write new histories of Canada.

The first phase of this project will take place from May to October 2015, and focus on families and descendants who have some link to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It will also focus on family photographs from the Black Communityin Canada. We invite families and descendants with these backgrounds to participate by bringing their own family photographs to the ROM, where they will be stored along with their histories in the Museum’s collection and preserved for future generations.

Dinh Q. Lê: Crossing the Farther Shore (detail). Courtesy Rice University Art Gallery